Top 10 Safelists

My Top 10 Safelist Sites


Leads, Leads, Leads!

With over 74000 members, this must be the largest list available. I became a gold member and can mail the whole list every day. They have many login special deals so watch out for them.

Hotspot Mailer

Maryanne Myers has been running this mailer for eighteen years now and has built a list of over 37000 members. I am still a free member but I have the time to keep up my points level which is not too hard as you do get 500 points every time you find a hotspot.

Green eList

Another of Maryanne’s lists with well over 14,000 members and the ability to mail out every day.

Best List Mailer

Maryanne does it again with a membership of over 10,000 and again you can mail out daily.

European Safelist

European safelist has over 16200 members and I became a pro member so that I could mail out three times a day. I think it’s a good idea to vary the subject lines and email body if you are mailing out this often or promote several different products.

1 Minute Mailer

I took a lifetime upgrade with 1 Minute Mailer and so I can mail their list of over 4000 members every 6 hours. The list seams quite responsive too.

Safelist Extreme

This is one of my favorite safelists. Over 21,000 members and growing. I managed to score a lifetime founder membership and now have nearly 1.5 million credits :-).  It is worth looking out for those special One Time Offers.

Mail Bag Safelist

Another great mailer. Over 13,000 members that I can mail to every day. The response is very good from just 13,000 members.

Million Leads for Free

This list is enormous but of course you can only mail a fraction of that. But on the up side, every time you mail out, you are probably mailing a different audience. I am just a free member and so can only mail to 5,000 people. But hey, that’s not bad, for free!

The Traffic Secret

Another nice safelist, and with over 10,000 members, well worth the effort. I am just a free member but I am sure that if you have the funds, it will be well worth upgrading.