Team Atlantis Rising

Team Atlantis Rising and Traffic Wave

This is an unofficial page offering a brief overview of the setup process of your Traffic Wave system. My intention is to have everything in one place and with my own additions and suggestions. You will receive the link to Didi’s page in her email.

In order to become part of Team Atlantis Rising it is necessary to join under the rotator so that you are placed under someone in Team Atlantis. You must skip the 30 day trial and you must become an affiliate which is another step after you have signed up. There is no charge to become an affiliate but you do need to read and agree to the terms and conditions or they will not be able to pay you.

Step 1.  Join Here:   Team Atlantis Rising under Bob Allen
Look for the [Register] Button in the top center of the page. Register

Step 2.  Send email to Didi Wargo: [email protected] and copy me at [email protected] and we will get back to you with more information. Please allow a couple of days for us to respond as we may be in very different time zones.

Please provide the following information to Didi.

Your Full Name              :
Your TrafficWave user name  :
Your Best Contact Email     :
Your Sponsor's Name         : Bob Allen
Your Sponsors tw username   : boballen

Step 3.  Look for an email from Didi and I with further instructions.  While waiting for our reply, I recommend you join the following two sites as a free member and have a look around.

The Link Tracker.

The first is a tracker which will be useful in keeping track of how many hits you are sending to the team link. Just remember, you need to send at least 750 clicks per week and you will probably want to track them.

The Advertising Co-op.

The second is an advertising co-op which is not necessary if you plan to do safelist and traffic exchange marketing like I do but if you don’t have the time, this is a great way to generate all those clicks each week at a very reasonable cost.



Creating banners and Squeeze Pages

If you would like to create your own banners or squeeze pages, you might like to take a look at is AdKreator. You can try it for free.

I already use Canva which is free for personal use and very easy to work with.

Promoting Traffic Wave

There is the requirement to send 750 clicks per week to the rotator link in order to qualify for the unlimited free paid referrals and this can be done very easily using safelists and/or traffic exchanges. If money is tight you can you and use these for free and generate enough traffic to easily meet the 750 click requirement. It will require one or two hours per day once you have things set up. Team Atlantis allow two weeks for you to get set up after joining the team. If you cannot spend that much time then I recommend the Ad Co-op above or upgrade your memberships and also take advantage of the great solo ad deals you will be offered in each of the safelists.

Once you have fulfilled your TA requirement, you may want to promote your own TW link, and my preferred way is to use a downline builder and funnel that contains Traffic Wave as it’s primary opportunity.

A great one, (and the one that I use) is Easy Downlines. The beauty of this is that they build YOUR downlines in the traffic exchanges and safelists also. So it fits well with the work above. Of course, if you came to me through Easy Downlines, then you know all this already 🙂 but if not, go and get your free account now. Just click the banner above. They also have some great training for free!