My Paying Ads Review

My Paying Ads is another revenue sharing company like My Advertising Pays but you can get involved for as little as US$5 which will appeal to those who are tight for cash. It is also easier to sign up others at this entry level.

My Paying Ads-Member Overview - Google Chrome 2015-11-25 15.14.24I started on Oct. 21 2015 with just $15 and after just 6 weeks I am up to $46. The adpacks have been earning about $0.033 per $1 per day which is about double what My Advertising Pays credit pack earn.

I have signed up two of my friends by paying their first five dollars and now I get commissions every time they re-purchase and although the marketing for My Paying Ads says the commission 10% I have been getting 12%.

As MPA is currently paying out better than MAPs it should grow much quicker and they have a maximum of 2000 credit packs at level 10 which are $50 each giving you an investment of $100,000 and a possible income of around $11,500 per month assuming the income from the packs stays the same as it is now.

My Paying Ads has 10 levels of credit packs.

AdPack-Plan 1: $1 share maturing at $1.20 (120% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 2: $3 share maturing at  $3.60 (120% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 3: $5 share maturing at  $6.25 (125% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 4: $7 share maturing at  $8.75 (125% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 5: $10 share maturing at  $13.00 (130% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 6: $15 share maturing at  $19.50 (130% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 7: $20 share maturing at  $27.00 (135% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 8: $30 share maturing at  $40.50 (135% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 9: $40 share maturing at  $56.00 (140% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 10:$50 share maturing at  $75.00 (150% Returns)

You must start at Plan 1 before purchasing in Plan 2 and you must maintain 100 AdPacks in the lower level to purchase in the level above so, if you have $500 to invest, you would buy 100 at $1 then 100 at $3 and 20 at $5. I believe that you can let the level one expire as long as you keep 100 adpacks in level 2 while you are purchasing level 3. (I may be wrong here)

This system makes it much easier for people to get involved and the compounding effect is better than if you are buying in $50 increments. The adpacks also last longer at the higher levels. All in all, I am excited to be involved with My Paying Ads.

There are many companies jumping on the band wagon of revenue sharing ad sites and who is to say which ones will survive long term. There is always a risk that some of these companies will die along the way so my tactic is the join 3 or 4 (maybe more) and to take some profits as I go. This tactic also allows you to promote the other companies from MPA etc.

Join My Paying Ads for free and check it out. You can invest as little as $5 and if time in not an issue, you never need to risk more. If you join under me I will put $2 into your account as a thankyou 🙂 just send me an email.


Bob Allen.

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