My Advertising Pays Review

My Advertising Pays Review

My Advertising Pays Back OfficeI have been involved with My Advertising Pays (MAPS) since November 2014 and have made good money considering the small investment I was able to make. I started with just 1 credit pack just to test out the system and soon realised that this could be a real winner. I purchased another 5 packs and then another 10 as funds became available. I should point out, I am very tight for cash. If I had the money (or credit) I would start with 20 packs minimum.

In the next few months I reinvested the earnings to buy more packs, building up to 39 packs by the end of April. Then I had to withdraw some money to fend off the wolves, reducing my credit packs to 29 and withdrawing over $600. This was a setback that I could not avoid but it did demonstrate that the system works.

My initial investment was about $800 to get me 16 packs and I have now drawn $600 and have 29 packs left so I am only $200 out of pocket with a good number of packs in my account. Because of how it works, I am now losing packs slightly quicker than I am buying but I will be back on track in a month or two.

My Advertising Pays Back Office

Some Detail on How it Works

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!The average earnings per pack has been about $0.60 per day and when they reach $60 they expire and stop earning money. So if you start with 10 packs they will expire together after 100 days which causes a drop in the number of active packs. This is not a problem, although it might be disconcerting when it happens. the fact is that if you are re-investing your earnings as soon as you get another $49.99 you will be buying a pack every 10 days to start with and as your number of packs grows the time will shorten. In 100 days you will have 26 packs then lose 10 leaving 16 packs. So now you will have packs expiring every 10 days and you will be buying every 6.5 days allowing you credit packs to accumulate from this point on. Of course if you start with say 20 packs everything happens twice as quick. Start with 100 packs and it will be 10 times as quick.

One requirement is to pay a membership fee. It is free to join to test out the system then you need to become a member. To start with you might buy the Basic Level at 24.95/Year then upgrade to Professional at $49.95 for 6 months and then the Primetime at $99.95 for 6 months. These fees can be paid from your advertising account so you won’t have to folk out from your own pocket. At the higher levels you get some free advertising included each month and higher affiliate commissions.

This is true passive income, although you are required to login and view 10 ads every 24 hours, about 10 minutes work each day but when you reach the maximum of 1200 credit packs you will be earning up to $6000/month for just 10 minutes work per day and you can even get around this!

The earnings per day does vary depending on the advertising revenue generated by the company and was around 40 to 50 cents at the beginning of the year which just means your income may be seasonal, however My Advertising Pays  has only been around for 18 months at the time of this post but they are going from strength to strength as the company grows and will be a major force in the advertising world in the years to come.

Advertising with M.A.P

Buying credit packs gives you advertising credits which can be used to place your own ads for others to view. Choose your offer wisely and remember who you are advertising to. They are people just like you, using this system the same as you. What would you be interested in? and what might interest them? If you get the right product you could find it quite lucrative. Just don’t offer the M.A.P system itself, they are already using it. You can also buy banner ads and Guaranteed visits which contributes to the earnings pool of everyone. You will also get monthly advertising credits depending on your membership level. As you get a larger number of credit packs you will be getting lots of advertising credits.

Criticisms of My Advertising Pays

It’s hard to find anything to criticize with My Advertising Pays. The back office is very well designed, The program works well and pays well. Perhaps the only things I can think of is that you have to use one of two payment systems, either “Solid Trust Pay” or “VX Gateway”. I found “Solid Trust Pay” to be too difficult to work with. I am roaming (in the Philippines) which was a problem with “ST Pay”. VX Gateway was less of a problem for me but both systems charge money for the service and they are not cheap. Also the extra step adds time to getting your money. I would like to see PayPal as an option which would be much cheaper and quicker. Another possibility is Payoneer or something similar.

Another small criticism maybe only affects me or people in certain time zones is that if you typically read your 10 ads an hour or two before the server end of day and you forget or cannot get to your computer until after the server end of day it is difficult or costly to change back to the earlier time. I have to occasionally pay $5 for a vacation day just to reset to my usual login time.
My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

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