Long Term Fundz Review

Long Term Fundz Review – Updated

This is a very new opportunity and is yet to prove itself. I think it started the beginning of June 2015. It seems to be modelled on the lines of M.A.Ps with the exception that you don’t view ads at all. the ads appear on 1000’s of websites around the world and money is earned when people click on those ads. I purchased just 1 credit pack for $29.99 and after 24 hours I had made $0.23 but at this rate it would take 195 days to reach $45 and you have made 50% profit. Try to get that at the bank! Their web site is: longtermfundz.com

Update. As of about the middle of June my account balance has remained stagnant at $9.58 total income. I had 2 credit packs costing me nearly $60 and today I cashed out the $9.98. I’ll see in a few days if I actually get the money in my PayPal account. My Vedict. This is a SCAM or a failed system.

Long Term Fundz ReviewAlthough this is a very new program, they have in fact been marketing this way for years and have only now opened it up to the public. The member of this program makes money primarily from the advertising revenue as long as you are an active member. You buy advertising credit packs which gives you 35000 credits per pack and then you can use those credits to place banners and text ads and their slider banners on thousands of websites around the world to advertise whatever you like.

Of course you can advertise Long Term Fundz with your affiliate link and get 10% of all their purchases from people you refer, giving you another source of income but it is not necessary recruit or to advertise at all if you don’t wish to. You still get a percentage of revenue from all the clicks from generated from their advertising.

The Website

On first logging into the system I found the interface to be very basic with two menus, one at the top of the screen and one on the left hand side. The two menus are different and quite straight forward, within a few clicks I soon got to find my way around.

Now the idea is to purchase additional credit packs as soon as you accumulate $29.99 of earnings and build the number of packs working for you until you have the income you desire. 10 Packs would get you $2.30 per day based on my initial figures, or 100 packs gets you $23/day. Those figures are very rough guesses on my part at this stage. Based on these figures having around 400-500 packs would give you a passive income of around $100/day. This does not allow for having to maintain the number of packs in your account.

As I have mentioned before, this is a new program and is yet to be proven, at least to me. Time will tell. I will be posting updates from time to time.

DON’T Join Long Term Fundz

Unofficial Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616389845305714/ seams to be dead since mid June.



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