Free Web Hosting – Is It For You?

Free Web Hosting – Is It For You?

If you are a newcomer in the land of the WWW or World Wide Web, you certainly should be questioning many elements of the performance of the web and what are the very best possible methods to project your website or domain on the Internet. The best bet for starters, obviously, is ‘free web hosting’.

Free web hosting is great, if you are brand-new and wish to learn the ropes first hand. It is absolutely not a smart idea if you are starting a business. So, exactly what do you get with a free web hosting service provider?

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Pro’s of Free Web Hosting

First of all you will certainly get an internet area on the net FREE OF EXPENSE. This is a fairly big plus point. Another plus point is that it will offer you a free email account in many cases. The drawback would be that you will certainly not have the permission to have your own domain name. You can not get any technical support for your website, nor can you accept advertisements.

Thus, if you are hosting your web just to post out a few ideas, a hobby broadcast site, or comparable things, and after that definitely you can pick a complimentary web-hosting service provider. Free web hosting is great for those with low traffic. For example you might want to have your website so your family and friends can access and exchange ideas with you. Or just plain curious to see how things work out when you are out there, posting on the Internet.

Con’s of Free Web Hosting

It is certainly not recommended for a person who wishes to run or introduce a company on the net, however rosy the totally free web-hosting company would paint it. No free web-hosting provider will provide you totally free traffic transfer space and thus your company will be doomed, or you will certainly end up with huge traffic transfer charges. So likewise, you would loose out in regards to visitors when your free website starts to become more busy. Poor technical support may be another significant obstacle if you have heavy traffic to your website, as any disturbance would discourage your visitors chasing them away from your site.

Besides, another point that would influence one who runs a web-based business NOT to select a free web hosting, is that the business would look low-cost and amateurish. The host of your totally free web site will impose advertisements on your web site, which you may not like. There are a great deal of disadvantage points to consider. A few are specified listed below:

  • No technical support services
  • No guarantee on availability of server
  • No complimentary traffic transfer space
  • No access to cgi and/or perl script often needed in your web pages
  • No money making advertisements can be placed on your free web site
  • No sub-directories or sub-domains
  • No safe and secure server for credit card payments
  • Very low SEO visibility as online search engine bypass free sites typically

In Conclusion

Having gone through the above, I still restate that for novices who want to learn the ropes and see how it looks to be on the internet, or for those who wish to share things with family and friends, and for hobby purposes, free web hosting is a great alternative. For any other, more serious factor, you should choose a professional web hosting service.

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