Economic Directions


Now I have no financial background so this is not meant to be factual report in any way shape or form. It is just my observations coupled with talks I find on YouTube and Ted. I don’t think anyone knows for certain where we will be in five to ten years from now but I see there are many options and possible solutions to the problems of the world today. More important is that maybe we can at least try to be prepared for the changes to come.


The world is heading for a fundamental change in the global financial system. Governments are printing money in what they call Quantitative Easing which is devaluing the currency of the countries involved. Corporations are becoming larger, often by buying up smaller ones or merging. They are cutting overheads by laying off people and bringing in automation wherever possible. There are less and less jobs available to the masses and competition is high for the positions that are offered. Many companies are outsourcing and using contractors to do the majority of the work.

All of this is leading to the gap between the rich and poor becoming larger by the day. If this trend continues, we could end up with these corporations employing almost no one and the majority of the population having no source of income. Who will be able to afford the products produced by these corporations? The only way for these companies to turn a profit is to have an affluent population to sell to.

Possible Directions

In his talk on capitalism, Paul discusses ways in which the capitalist system could be improved to make the corporations more just. Would this be enough? How could this improve the flow of wealth? I think we need a way of taking the huge profits earned and redistributing them to the masses. Would the companies be able to do that themselves? I doubt it.

What is needed is a redistribution of the profits earned in some way so that everyone has an adequate income. Maybe this can be achieved in a capitalist system if there are some basic changes to the systems we currently have. Maybe capitalism is the problem, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am not an economist but maybe we need to move towards a more socialist system. It is not my intention to suggest a solution here, just to encourage thought and discussion and to maybe to prepare ourselves for the changes to come.

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Robert Kiyosaki tells you why you must be creating you own independent income.

I do believe that the old system of “working for the boss” is dying and is being replaced by people working for themselves. More and more people are looking for alternatives. Maybe that is having their own business. Or maybe it is investing their money and generating income from those investments. What is clearly needed is a change in the way we think as individuals. Much of this website is about just that. In this case using the internet to generate or support our income. More and more people have a profile online, marketing themselves and their skills. In the future, every high school student and university student will be encouraged to develop their online profile based on their individual interests and skills.

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