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Safelist Marketing Tactics

smt_coverI have just come across Jerry Iannucci’s ebook called Safelist Marketing Tactics and I am impressed. I have been using safelists for a while now. Not as long as Jerry but I thought I knew it all.  Now I am going back to the drawing board and following Jerry’s advice.

One nice thing is that you can re-brand his book with your own affiliate links so it becomes a great marketing tool in it’s own right. Feel free to grab your free copy. There should be a banner on the right hand side.

Now I wouldn’t be promoting this unless I thought had value and it does. I like his section on what to promote on safelists and what wont work. Very interesting, and obvious when you think about it.

Ok, I’m not going into too much detail here, I don’t want to steal Jerry’s thunder and the book is free so, if you are interested or are currently using safelists then this is a must read.