Traditional test of strength

Humorous Jul 16, 2017 13 Comments



  1. chevcheli0s
  2. mberns1

    How did you get the footage from me and my older brothers bedroom from 15 years ago?

  3. VeraDeMilo511

    Session 9

  4. cdestahl

    The Undertaker was my favorite when I was a kid (along with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, and Andre the Giant). But now he just looks like an extra from Sons of Anarchy.

    • Del_Prestons_Shoes

      This vid was from quite a while ago, he went back to his dead man look several years ago before retiring for good last year or this year…

    • InFerYes


  5. Junkie443

    it doesn’t get any more traditional than this

  6. AetherMcLoud

    World Wildlife Fund was pretty hardcore back in the day.

  7. LazzuljEl

    Disrespect at it’s finest

  8. IG-89

    I love how Undertaker reacts like: Fuck! fell for it again!

  9. TheElvenOwl

    Does anyone else notice the sign that says “WHAT”

  10. THEDrunkPossum

    Even Ric Flair was like, “Ooooh shit.”

  11. JordyTheJew

    So mayweather vs mcgregor?

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