Thou shalt not beat the red light

Humorous Jul 16, 2017 12 Comments



  1. namraka
  2. Topcad

    None shall pass!

  3. AJEstes

    Good situational awareness though

  4. NoClueDad

    “Ok, we’re done siding this road. On to the next job.”

  5. Bloiping

    That dude’s boss would have been pissed I’m sure. Good think the person with the dashcam is nice and decided not to drive over them, popping them all.

  6. 16bitfighter

    “It’s ok Bob, those 2”4s won’t go anywhere we don’t need no stinkin’ tie downs!”

    • yocum137

      3″ PVC

      • squarebacksteve

        2″, max

  7. Hennet_sim

    I Would have just drove over them they should have been tied down

  8. trashitagain

    Oh look, Arizona.

  9. DeportTrimmigrants

    Well that’s Phoenix so whatever was dropped simply melted 2 minutes later

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