Right In The Bone Hole…

Humorous Jul 16, 2017 17 Comments



  1. Indestructablez
  2. ___WheresWally___

    I love the fact that he doesn’t break eye contact

    • thepest97

      …ladies 😉

      • phorq


    • tweedledee49

      Dominance asserted

  3. Vorcey

    When she asks how good your tongue game is

  4. StevenSanders90210

    Tail wags at the same time. Extra cute

  5. LazzuljEl

    That look is so porn 😀

  6. nanoH2O

    There are a lot of bitches sweating right now

  7. branchness

    Bitches love him.

  8. Iknowdemfeelz

    Licking the :

  9. drvondoctor

    Gene Simmons is like “whaaaaaaaat?”

  10. FeedMeKarm

    This doggo fucks.

  11. Stumbleine83

    Going by the title, I assumed this was going to be a gif of a dog getting hit with something. Then I spent the remaining moments while the gif was loading, contemplating where exactly one’s bonehole is located. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised on all fronts.

    • western_red

      I thought “bone hole” was a euphemism for the dog’s mouth.

  12. Iron_Bawls

    Right in the repost.

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