Wheel waits for the right moment to make a dash for freedom

Humorous Jul 15, 2017 24 Comments



  1. namraka
  2. Technicalchawal

    That is William Wallace of trailer wheels.

    • PM_me_yer_booobies

      The signs are in Gaelic too… But Irish Gaelic, and the wheel is headed to Shannon, Ireland. So close.

      • 1robotsnowman

        It’s gonna hop a plane and never look back!

    • shannister


  3. MrCarlos11

    And now that little wheel has a family gone bald and joined the cast of the Simpsons as the top tire on the tire fire remember dreams can come true

  4. brick_meet_face

    Pfft not even a turn signal… jackass

    • nerbovig

      Made in New Jersey confirmed.

  5. drawkcabog

    So that’s why we have spare wheels in the back of the car. I’ll put it back just in case

  6. AverageKek


  7. dyncon

    I’m impressed with the wheel’s ability to stay in the lane. Better than some drivers.

    • Nananananbaa

      Some huh. Aren’t we positive today.

  8. nerbovig

    Had to wait for the right exit. One with a Waffle House no doubt.

  9. markpoepsel

    Roll out!

  10. RafikiTheWiseBaboon

    Would have been perfect with the soundtrack of the fast and furious .. *Its been a long time..*

  11. AnIntenseMoist

    “Excuse me, sir. I believe this is my exit.”

  12. hellnukes

    … and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

  13. uproaraudio

    They’re driving on the left but with European signs and slip road divider. I’m really interested to know where this is.

    • Mithious

      Republic of Ireland

    • Suzuiscool

      Ireland, town name is on the sign

  14. kingofthehill5

    Driver be like oh that’s where that last bolt should have went

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