C’mon, you can do it 💪

Humorous Jul 15, 2017 25 Comments



  1. Ararahi
  2. [deleted]


    • Palaverus_Idolgazer


      • niknik888

        Hot looking women though, I don’t mind as much! Just saying…

        • C_M_O_TDibbler

          With that few pixels even I would look hot…

  3. strumsy

    It’s like it was hitting some kind of ceiling made of glass…

    • lardman1


  4. LazzuljEl

    They are strong independent women. They didn’t need a man’s help!!

    • poemistic

      How dare he come in and assume they need help! They had it in the bag

  5. your_comments_say

    I was thinking the dude was going to power lift that shit by himself at first. This was unexpected.

    • uhh__Alex

      Lol as someone who lives in hock town where these are everywhere, I was cringing so hard.

    • Gorehog

      Um. The shape of the gate suggested to me that the hinge was mounted vertically.

  6. yama1291

    To be fair, these gates are made to keep the cows from escaping 🙂

  7. UberRatchet

    Crazy women.

  8. Sexymcsexalot

    Do you even lift bro?

    No, I push.

  9. charmbu92

    These gates are made to avoid cows from running outside.

  10. Yodlingyoda

    The comments in here are like falling through a sewer grate on your way to get ice cream.

  11. impnkj


  12. RoyaLamp

    needs more jpeg

  13. Gorehog

    I was cringing wondering how much damage they did to the gate by lifting it against the axis of the hinge.

  14. George_XIII

    I’m just glad they had the self confidence to laugh about it afterwards because that was honestly hilarious.

  15. JaqenHghaar08

    _Battles to the north, battles to the south_

    _battles to the east, battles to the west_

    _fight every battle_,


    -Littlefinger. #WinterIsHere

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