“I got it on my camera too”

Humorous Jul 14, 2017 24 Comments



  1. namraka
  2. Awckwerd

    Ridiculously dramatic, if I was the driver I woulda came to a complete stop instead of rolling up behind the person still. Cause obviously they were gonna pull this shit

    • Poemi

      Look again. She’s in the process of stopping, but the asshole actually walks/rolls *backward* into her.

      • Awckwerd

        Definitely slowed down, but she had time to come to a complete stop. Not her fault what so ever, smart to have that dash cam. But still dookie regardless

        • whoco5

          Just stop

          • Awckwerd

            My point exactly

          • Awckwerd

            Dunno why y’all are so butt hurt about my comment

  3. AthleticNerd_

    I should really get a dash cam, because of scams like this.

    • ValgarLienheart

      Do it! I had a guy run into my rear quarter, fucker stopped for a second and drove off, you know what the police did? Fuck all. Sadly a client was driving so they couldn’t follow them, wish I was driving at the time.

    • hiding_from_my_gf

      the key to the dashcam is to not tell the person about it until the police arrive. Let them lie and incriminate themselves to the police, then whip out your camera and watch them go to jail.

    • DeepDown23

      All you need is to tell that you have a dash cam.

    • Turbo__Sloth

      I just got a dashcam. You can get a respectable one for like $80 (or cheaper if you find a good sale). You probably don’t want to go too cheap though.

  4. Poemi

    I don’t have a dash cam, but I decided long ago that if anyone ever pulls this shit on me, I’ll make a very convincing bluff that I do.

    • Dj_Bruv

      Quick! We know he hasn’t got one. Lets scam the tosser

      • Poemi

        Haha, joke’s on you. I actually have 27 dash cams and said I didn’t so I can bait scammers and sue the shit out of *them*!

        • Dj_Bruv

          You can’t be scammed if you don’t have a car sucker. While you was baiting the scammers. We stole your car, and now you have no video evidence. To sue the scammers or a car to get scammed with

          • Poemi

            That was my plan all along. I have cameras all around where my car was parked, so now you’re going down for grand theft auto.

          • Dj_Bruv

            You fool, I am trained in the arts of deception. While we spoke I play a loop for your camera and identical car was put in place of yours. The only difference is. You have no fuel in it! Mwhahahaha!

          • Poemi

            Fortunately for me, the entire car thing was a ruse to distract you while I slipped Russian hackers into your electoral system to get candidates in office who will support my dashcam-for-everyone corporate agenda…

  5. geek66

    How is this not russian?

  6. ztar92

    When your ping is too high

  7. jaybram24

    I would definitely not have pointed out the fact I had a camera to him. Especially since he most likely caused damage with backing into the bumper and the trust fall onto the hood.

    I would have waited for the police, quietly told them I had a camera, waited for this idiot to file for insurance benefits and then brought it all to light and hope the insurance companies go after him for fraud. Maybe even the police could get him for filing a false police report.

  8. Bobsnoggles

    The duo from Better Call Saul strikes again.

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